Monday, April 25, 2016

Enrichment: Landforms

Go to Google Earth or Google Earth Satellite.  We may have to play around with the settings depending on the computer.  Find the McMurdo Station in Antarctica.  Take a screenshot of what you find and then place it on the blog!  For example, this is the picture that I took of the McMurdo Station.

Then find one more landform from this list: mountains, plains, plateaus, mesas, buttes deserts, deltas, islands, peninsulas, basins, canyons, valleys, bays, streams, gulfs, straits, canals, seas, boundaries, cities, highways, roads, and railroads.

For example, I googled canyons, then found  this link and then found this picture of a canyon.

See what you can see/find!  Good luck - write about what you find.  See you at the edge!


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