Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Looking Back to Look Forward to Market Day 2016

Tonight, I enjoy looking back to 2015 in order to help our 3rd graders look forward to March 2016.  Sometime in March, we will have our first goods and services Market Day this school year.  The 3rd graders have enjoyed a Market Day full of Super Heroes and a Travel to Europe Market Day adventure.  This March, the 3rd graders will be able to sell their goods or services to their peers as well as spend their hard earned credits at their friends booths.

Market Day is an educational experience that introduces basic economic principles.  During the event, our classrooms and hallways at East Chester will transform into a 'shopping market'.  Every student, who chooses to participate, will make a product (goods) or provide a service to be sold at the market.  3rd graders will also create an advertisement (a poster) to promote their product!

Here are a few of the Goods and Services from last year's Market Day!


We can't wait to see what creative items are brought to sell this year!  It is going to be unforgettable!  See you at the edge!

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