Tuesday, November 3, 2015

What should Mrs. Belinda be for Halloween!

This is how you know who you are as a teacher.  You ask your students what you should be for Halloween!  This was by far the best part of Fall Fun Day.  I was a queen so I could boss people, a fairy queen so I could boss people with magic, a singer because I sing so much, a witch so I could make stew from my students, frankenstein, a zombie because sometimes I look scary, a vampire because I bite, a dog because dogs are best friends BUT the best one of all was...

Scary Mary - because both Scary Mary and Mrs. Belinda know how to get people's attention however, whenever! You have to admit that my students are the best!  See you at the edge!


  1. Fall Fun Day was amazing because we had the dance party.When we went to the jumpers Mrs.Shelby and Mrs.Belinda went down the castle slide and the kids landed on top of them.

  2. Alex I hope you have a great time on the trip.Are you off the plan? We have been reading we have been doing math. By Jordan 4/21/16