Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Social Studies: Writing, Dian Fossey

Dian Fossey's work added much to the scientific world.  Your writing challenge is to tell why Dian Fossey felt more comfortable with gorillas than people.  We can't wait to hear what you have to say in your paragraph/s.  Feel free to write on Google Docs then copy to the blog.  See you at the edge!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Enrichment: Plants

This is a plant.  This is a plant with its parts labeled.  You have been working in stations that are all about plants.  Your challenge is to write a paragraph that answers the following questions:  Does this organism create its own energy?  How do you know?  We can't wait to hear what you say about plants.  Make sure you use your research from the stations.  Strong vocabulary is a must!  See you at the edge!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Math: Google Drawings and Area

This is a picture from Google Drawings and you should be able to find it if you sign into Mrs. Shelby's folder she has made for you.  You can draw using Google Drawings and that way you can do math with shapes! You can find this under New when you go to Google Drive!

BUT...  I want you to answer the 3 questions in the comments below.  

1.  What is the missing width?  (Write a number)
2.  How did you find the missing width? (Write an equation and a sentence answer)
3.  What is the total area for both shapes?  (Write an equation)

You can do it!  See you at the edge!

Monday, November 9, 2015

After School: I'm Building...Something

Bottle tops and rubber bands,
Empty boxes, varied brands.
Plastic tubs and sticky tape,
Last Halloween's black Vampire cape.
Cardboard tubes and burst balloons,
Assorted bent and broken spoons.
Three magazines, my sister's shoes,
(I took them whilst she had a snooze.)
My winter gloves, a paper bag,
A flapping pirate castle flag.
A pot of glue, some old pen tops,
And two of my mum's kitchen mops.
A pile that's twice as high as me,
A diverse heap, as you can see.
I scratch my head as I begin,
What was I going to build again?
Poem by ©2005 Gareth Lancaster
Tell us about your Dream Car that you will build.  Be creative.  Give us details.  Write your great thoughts below.  We can't wait to read what you are thinking!  See you at the edge!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Veterans Day: We Remember.

This is my dad.  He is a Veteran.  His name is George Washington and he served his Country.  I think that days like we had on Friday at East Chester take on a particularly special meaning when someone you know and love has served.  We remember.

This is our principal Mrs. Kim and our assistant principal Mrs. Spring who believe that school is about growing academically as well as growing as a person.  This is why we are able to have a Veterans Day program.  Our administration serves the whole child.  We remember.

  These are the students who participated in the Veterans Day program.  Some of them had speaking parts, all of them sang 'You're A Grand Old Flag', and all of them stood tall as they said the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States Flag.  We Remember.

These are just some of the Veterans who took time out of their day to come to East Chester and allow us to honor them for their service to our Country.  We are thankful to each man and woman who have served.  You are the reason we have the freedom to learn at East Chester.  We remember.
This is the future of America.  At East Chester, we believe it is our duty to empower the future.  Our future are these students.  We are blessed to teach in a Nation that believes in the future.  We remember the past so that we can build a better future.  We remember.

To the wonderful 3rd graders at East Chester, what do you remember about Veterans Day?  Write your memories in the comment spaces below!  See you at the edge!

Social Studies: Exemplar Text Exploration

Exemplar Paragraph by Kendyl:
     This is about if Nancy Ward knew Susan B. Anthony or not. Susan B. Anthony never knew Nancy Ward. It was possible that they could have known each other but they did not. The possibility could have been when Anthony was 1, 2, 3, or 4. Ward was born in Tennessee. She lived from 1738 - 1824. Anthony was born in Massachusetts. She lived from 1820 - 1906. 
      In 1738, Nancy Ward was born. In 1751, Ward married Kingfisher. In 1756, she was awarded the title “Beloved Woman”. In 1776, she rescues a english woman, Lydia Bean. In 1819, she opened an inn with her 2nd husband, Bryan Ward. In 1824, sadly Ward died after all her accomplishments. 
       In 1820, Susan B. Anthony was born in Massachusetts. In 1826, Anthony’s family moved to New York. In 1846, she began teaching for $110 a year. In 1851, she met Cady Stanton. In 1868, she began “The Revolution Paper”. In 1869, she formed the National Woman’s Suffrage Association. In 1872, she voted illegally and was fined. In 1905, she met with President Roosevelt. In 1906, she sadly died. 
       Nancy Ward’s accomplishments did inspire Susan B. Anthony, in my opinion. Ward did many great things and that’s what inspired Anthony.

Take a look at the above paragraph.  This is an example of an excellent opinion paragraph that answered our prompt from http://thirdgradetotheedge.blogspot.com/2015/10/social-studies-writing-ward-and-anthony.html

Your task is to go to our Google Drive.  Find your folder.  There is a Google Doc enclosed that asks you to find the OREO in this paragraph.  After you follow the instructions within the Google Doc and highlight everything then you need to revisit your paragraph in your Google Doc.  

Does your paragraph deserve an OREO?  Please take this writing week to sweeten up your paragraph in order to meet the OREO standard!  See you at the edge!

Enrichment: Life Cycles

A life cycle is the series of changes that happen to a living creature over the course of its lifetime.  We have been studying life cycles in our enrichment class.  Two of our vocabulary words include complete and incomplete metamorphosis.

Remind yourself of what the difference is between a complete and incomplete metamorphosis by using the information from your notebook or looking at this website http://www.kidzone.ws/animals/lifecycle.htm.

After reviewing the information, look at the life cycle below.

Your writing prompt: Determine whether this is a complete or an incomplete metamorphosis.  Explain why you think what you think.  Use your vocabulary and write a paragraph.  Include an introduction, 3 strong supports, and a conclusion.  

Here is a great example of a paragraph!  I can't wait to see what you can do!  See you at the edge!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Keep Sharing: Google Docs and 3rd Grade

Today, 3rd graders learned how to create a Google Doc in our Social Studies Writing class!  We write on our blog each week - we are trying to get ready for the writing part of TN Ready.   The students love the blog - they love the writing prompts, they love replying to their friends, they love offering advice and encouragement - they truly love showing what they know when they write on the blog.
The students are doing an exceptional job of growing in writing BUT they have one COMPLAINT!!!!  Their complaint is that they do not have enough time to write on the blog, complete their writings, and then they lose their writings - only to have to start again the next day or retype what they have lost when they accidentally press a button or the computer shuts down.  They want to do the writing but want a way to write without feeling frustrated.
Google Docs to the rescue!  Today, we learned how to create a Google Doc, how to select all, how to copy, how to paste - it was the day of ooohhh's and aaahhh's.  The students were amazed at how they can write something, it will save automatically and that they can go to their writing from any computer.  We practiced all these things in preparation for writing about Nancy Ward and Susan B. Anthony at our blog http://thirdgradetotheedge.blogspot.com/2015/10/social-studies-writing-ward-and-anthony.html.

We are problem solvers in 3rd grader.  If you have a problem, we will find a solution.  If you are frustrated with losing your writing, then we will learn how to use the Google Drive.  I am thankful to professionals who tweet and teach me so that I can learn and teach in my classroom.  See you at the edge!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Red Ribbon Week!

Actions speak louder than words!  Do the right thing even when no one is looking!  East Chester 3rd graders respect themselves and want to be drug free!

What should Mrs. Belinda be for Halloween!

This is how you know who you are as a teacher.  You ask your students what you should be for Halloween!  This was by far the best part of Fall Fun Day.  I was a queen so I could boss people, a fairy queen so I could boss people with magic, a singer because I sing so much, a witch so I could make stew from my students, frankenstein, a zombie because sometimes I look scary, a vampire because I bite, a dog because dogs are best friends BUT the best one of all was...

Scary Mary - because both Scary Mary and Mrs. Belinda know how to get people's attention however, whenever! You have to admit that my students are the best!  See you at the edge!

I blogged in 1987...

I am constantly amazed at where we are now in 2015 with social media and technology - specifically in the classroom.  When I began with technology, it seemed like technology was just beginning...

In 1987, I graduated from E.C. Glass High School where I took keyboarding and computer programming.  I learned to type on an electronic typewriter.  Yes, you insert the paper sheet by sheet and when you made a mistake you had to use correction tape or start again.  At home, I typed my papers on a manual typewriter when necessary but mostly wrote the papers by hand.

Then off to college at Freed-Hardeman with a computer.  I stored all of my data and work on these disks at some point and time during my college and graduate work.  

When I began teaching, I was one of the first teachers in Tennessee to be awarded a 21st Century classroom.  This included 6 computers, a teacher stand with a laser disc and a printer.  I was on cloud 9 - not only did I get the equipment but I got to go to training so I would know how to use all the equipment.  Oh and the station came with a VHS player too!

During my masters and doctoral degrees,  I used the card catalog and drove to the University of Memphis library each Saturday to complete research on microfilm and microfiche.

After all of this, I began to work at an university just when social media and phones began to completely take over and become the norm.  So when I say I blogged in 1987, I mean I journaled about my teaching experiences, wrote letters to my friends about what I was doing, and asked the newspaper to cover the special events in my classroom.  AND when things were really exciting I called teacher friends on the phone from my apartment or a pay phone.

It is 2015, I am blogging, Instagram-ing, snap chatting, face booking, texting, periscoping, QR coding, and tweeting.  I'm learning.  I'm growing.  Now, I'm working on sharing.

This desire to grow through sharing has been inspired by 3 professionals that I regularly 'read'.  George Couros who believes that sharing is the responsibility of each instructional leader - if we don't share then how do we grow as professionals?  Donna Boucher who compulsively shares math resources on her blog and through twitter - these are good ideas and she supports others who have good ideas.  Alice Keeler who speaks about using technology in the classroom, with the students and for the students  - when she speaks it is easy to understand.   

I am thankful for my tech journey.  I am thankful for professionals like Couros, Keeler and Boucher who pave the way through the social media and technology maze.  I am thankful to seek, to know and thereby grow.  See you at the edge!