Saturday, October 17, 2015

Keep Sharing. 3rd Graders Peer Review about Paragraph Writing.

As educators, we know that when we communicate with someone else we pay more attention and learn more.

In February, our 3rd graders will be challenged by an extended response question that will require them to write in paragraph form using prior content knowledge as well as knowledge about the writing process.

We are encouraging our 3rd graders to communicate through opinion paragraphs about various topics of interest in reading, math, social studies and science.  More importantly, we are asking them to reflect on their own writing and then on the writings of others.

Peer Review is a strategy that requires one 3rd grader to read another 3rd grader's writing and then provide a review.  This constructive feedback is then shared between the reviewer and the writer with the hope that the writer and reviewer both grow.  A good peer review can reveal what the reviewer knows about writing.

This 3rd grader understands that a strong paragraph needs a closing sentence.

This 3rd grader knows that a first draft is important to a final draft.

This 3rd grader knows that you need a strong ITT (introduction of topic).

These are 3 strong examples of Peer Reviews that show that the reviewers understand the necessary qualities needed in order to be prepared for the challenge that awaits them in February.  Peer review allows students to communicate with one another.   With this communication, they pay closer attention to the writing and then learn more about themselves as writers.   Keep growing.  Keep sharing.  See you at the edge.

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