Saturday, August 8, 2015

The Hero in Me! Leadership Binders...

3rd grade just finished its first full week of school.  It was a great week of learning about the classroom library, how to walk independently in the halls, classroom jobs, how to key in our lunch numbers and so much more.

One of the most exciting learning experiences has been our Leadership Binders!  East Chester is learning about the 7 Habits of Happy Kids from Covey during the first 2 weeks of schools.  We are rotating from teacher to teacher to learn about the 3rd grade common language, the 7 habits of happy kids and how we can use these habits to make our 3rd grade team a better team.

We have our names on the outside of our Folder and are decorating our cover to match our personalities.  There are some creative covers!
 Our next page in our Leadership Binder talks about the habits and how we are 3rd grade leaders!
Then we reach the meat of the binder - our data.  The data within the binder ranges from behavior to homework to math pre/post tests or ELA testing.  We include STAR testing scores in our binders as well.  These binders are what we will use to talk with our parents during Parent Teacher Conferences on October 8th and 9th!
'I am in Charge of Myself' reflects the habits that we show each day as a 3rd grader.  Our blank index card has a $5 value.  We keep these in our Nicky Folder and are responsible for keeping up with the card.  Each signature we receive, we have to earn.  Signatures are earned for Exceptional Effort or Star Leader behaviors.  Signatures do not come easily, they have to be earned.  Then there are hole punches.  If our index cards are punched then we have not done our job of being in charge of ourselves.  At the end of the week, we record our credits (signatures) and our debits (hole punches).  This 3rd Grade Community Money is collected for 9 weeks and then used at our Market Days which happen at the end of each 9 weeks.
Each morning, when we come into school, we get our Leadership Binders so we can Clock In and record our Homework.  We know it is important to be at school on time so we write our arrival time in our binders each morning!  Then we check our homework and record how many STARS we receive for working hard at home.  We can do anything we want for homework!  We know it is important to balance our lives between work and play!
These are just some of the pages we use for documenting our work and play at school!  We are Super Kids who are learning to take charge of our learning!  See you at the edge!

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