Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Vacation: Many wonderful adventures - some new (Periscope) and some not so new...

I am blessed to be with my family and 2 extras (that are my boys just as much as my boy is my boy) on vacation.  So far vacation has been a wonderful adventure with many firsts.  Here they are in no particular order.

My first time...
  • vacationing with three 14 year old boys - thus the weird and wonderful picture tag.
  • to get a Donors Choose accepted and then mess it up when I changed the address.  I am thankful for Jeana at Customer Service!
  • to make PicLab photos and VidLab videos - there are some pretty funny ones from vacation.
  • to be on Periscope with Schroeder's Shenanigans and Lucky Little Learners.  They are in Vegas.  I am not.  They make me want to be in Vegas and not the beach - that's how cool they are!  How inspiring it is to watch two humble and energetic teachers who love sharing with others!
I am sure there are other firsts but that's enough for now!  I am trying to move from being obsessed with Twitter to making it a daily thing.  I have read Learn like a Pirate, The Writing Thief, and some romance novels.  Many wonderful adventures - some new, some not so new.  I love to try new things and am thrilled when friends encourage me to do so.  

Special shout out to Cathy Whitehead @readrunteach for saying 'Oh girl, you can do that Padlet or anything other techy thing' and for Becky Welch @mrsbeckysclassroom for saying 'Have you tried 'fill in the blank with any cool new teacher thing'?  You just have to try it'.  I am thankful for blogging friends who are next door neighbors in the teaching world!  

Here's to more adventures in the last days of vacation!

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  1. Love you!!!!! I am thankful for you EVERY day!!!!

    Becky from