Saturday, July 11, 2015

Off to School I Go: Song by Me!

I love to sing.  I make up songs all the time in my classroom and my kids can be heard humming my creations during stations.  I thought the beginning of 2015-16 classroom decorating was worth a snippet of a song!

So I went to the classroom today.  My incredible husband and son went with me.  They patiently moved furniture, loaded in bags and moved out furniture.  I am blessed.

The classroom is a hot mess right now BUT soon it will be ready for my 3rd graders!  I can't wait!

Mrs. Becky @cookingupsuccess and I are going to do Room Reveals on Periscope!  So excited about that!  I have enjoyed the #periscopeteacherchallenge and getting to know everyone!  Be on the watch out for the room reveal!  See you on the edge!

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  1. Can't wait!!!! I will be there tonight!!!! AHHHHHH!