Thursday, July 2, 2015

From 240 - 65 in 1 night!

Just got word that my donors choose is approved and ready for donations.  This is turning into a grand adventure!  The project is a $480 project.  The Korein Family Foundation is matching half and that brought the needed amount down to $240.  AND then my family and friends took it to $65 overnight!  WOW!

This project is eligible for the SPARK match.  For the next 7 days, when someone donates to the project and enters the code SPARK, will match their donation dollar for dollar.    

If you want to check out the project, it is available at I like to move it, move it!  If you give $10 and then put SPARK in the promo code section then Donors Choose will match your $10 donation!

Thanks to all who have donated!  

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