Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I'm Too Busy...

Tonight, I am sitting in my incredible work place at home cutting out my mailbox labels.  I love doing things for my classroom, my school, my students... I love making lists, marking off lists, making new lists.  I love to be busy!

So in the middle of my busy tonight, I texted a friend.  I needed some information so that I could continue with my busy.  I knew that she would have the answer for me.  AND she did.  Not only did she answer my question AND send visuals, she took the time to chat with me via Facebook.  All the while, she was putting 2 kids to bed and packing to go on a business trip.

After all that, I began to think.  How blessed am I that she was not too busy to help me with my need?  How blessed am I that she thought enough of me to stop her busy to brighten my night?

The beginning of the school year is always busy.  It should be.  Teachers are preparing to meet a new class.  Teachers are striving to make the room look inviting.  Teachers are planning that first great day so that their students will be excited about day 2.  Teachers are searching Pinterest for one more idea or sending Facebook posts to their tribe.  Teachers are tweeting, periscoping and IG-ing.  Busy.

What my friend reminded me of is this...'But only one thing is necessary'.  Martha was distracted by her many tasks, but Mary made the right choice. Luke 10:40-42 .

My aim, as this school year begins, is to stay focused on Him so that my busy is productive, useful and encouraging for a child, a parent or my East Chester family.  I'm never too busy to make a difference.  Thanks for inspiring me, Dawn!

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