Friday, July 17, 2015

Empowering Our Future...Riding the Crazy Train

Inservice in Chester County has lasted 4 days this week - we are tired but inspired.  We spent time discussing The Leader in Me and talking about what we wanted to see in our school.  Our teachers decided that we want to Empower Our Future.

Empowering Our Future means helping our students see the brightness of their future.

Memorable moments:

  • Selfie sticks are awesome.
  • 3rd grade is ready to ride on the crazy train.
  • Inspiring thinking requires thinking ahead of time.
  • We are going to do some emotional vomiting.  Let's be transparent.
  • Look at students as a +2 and not a -18.
  • Let the student lead the problem solving.
  • Stop. Smell the roses.  Blow out the candles.
  • Why not work together?
  • Your world and my world are different.  Use what works with you and your kids.
  • It takes all of us to empower our future!  Together we are better.
  • I am a chunker.  I'm a chunker, too.
  • It may be a no pass BUT I read 10 more words than last time.  Achievement vs. growth.
  • Leadership is a choice, not a position.
  • I don't read hard. BUT @TheLeaderInMe is really a good book.
  • Accountable talk.  No hogs.  No logs
  • What do I need to unlearn?
  • I make a difference!  I am a teacher!
  • Take what ideas you can use and flush the rest!

It was 4 days of learning, great teacher advice and memorable moments.  I wish you the best as you empower our future this school year!

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  1. Yes to all of your memorable moments, except for the inside jokes I'm sure some of them are. ;) Especially achievement vs. growth! I seem to stick to this fact, while I'm not sure everyone else agrees with me, but I'm all about data analysis so we can track improvement. If one student comes in reading above grade level, but shows no growth, and another leaves me below grade level, but has grown by 4 reading levels, which one have I actually taught? I look forward to following your blog. Thanks for this post!