Saturday, June 27, 2015

Stretching the Mind at Summer Training in Tennessee...

Edutopia is quickly becoming a favorite spot for me.  I've been enjoying The Myth of Having Summers Off while reflecting on some training opportunities that I've enjoyed in the last weeks.  One of the sessions called Focus for Instructional Coaches was hosted by Patrice Richardson and Tracy Riddle our NIET Consultants for Tennessee Department of Education.

The take-away for me was the language they used and the way they monitored and adjusted.  This is what I heard and LOVED:

Shift the Lens
The Kodak Moment
I'm looking for that check in
Transparent Moment
Check the temperature of the room
Preponderance of evidence

It was encouraging to watch Tracy and Patrice support the message with evidence.  They truly want us to improve practice and are willing to help.  One thing I love about teaching is stretching my own mind in the summer!  Thanks to the TN Department of Education for quality summer training!

I would love to hear things that stretch your mind during summer training!

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  1. I LOVED those words as well! Great stuff and even better company!!!