Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Great fun with science!

Today was a great day at East Chester.  Especially in our classroom!  Leann Davis (Cecily's mom) brought 4 FHU students and completed experiments about mixtures, solutions, and states of matter.  We learned words like dissolve and separate.  

Let's check out these websites to learn more!

 The kids made cards for Mrs. Rebetta.  Mrs. Rebetta lost her mom over the weekend.  The kids were so sweet writing and drawing things that would be special to her.  Parents - you should be very proud of your child!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What does your name look like in Japanese?

This is what the name “Belinda” looks like in Japanese:

Click the link below to find out what your name looks like in Japanese.

Find out your Chinese name...

My name is An Baolang in Chinese.
My given name (middle character) means treasure, jewel; precious, rare.
My given name (last character) means clear, bright; distinct.
I was born in the Year of the Chicken.

What is your name?  Click the link below to figure it out.

Presenting Asia

I am finally getting these on the blog!  The kids did an excellent job presenting the regions of Asia.  Each group talked to the class about the region's landforms, waterways, climate and countries.  They did an awesome job!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Let the Research Begin...Timelines and Asia

We begin our Asia Timeline research today!  You can use this information to complete your Memorable Moments graphic organizer.

These sites is good for everyone...

The text you received in class today came from  There are videos you can look at on this site.  

I have found some websites to go along with the text you received today in class.  

§ Mesopotamia including the creation of the written alphabet - Anna, Cheyanne Mesopotamia - The Land Between the Rivers

§ important technologies of China such as bronze casting - Cecily, Lillie Kate

§ gunpowder - Matthew, Hayden, Dakota

§ the invention of paper - April, Elisha, Breyona, Mrs. Rebetta

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Guest Blogger: Haydn Haltom

Well, I got some plastic wrap and put it on a bowl. Then we put rice on top and clapped my hands together and the rice moved! I got really happy, my dad yelled at it and it did not move. I snickered.  Next, we tried to take a picture and I did not notice that I hit the plate! Next thing I knew rice was everywhere, I picked it all up and put back. We tried again and succeeded...right when I took the picture.

Sound is force.  Sound is energy made by rings moving.  When I clapped it made a sound and made the rice move. The sound made the rice jump.